17 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds: Easiest Dogs to Take Care of

low maintenance dogs

If you’re a busy person, then you might want to get a dog breed that is easier to care for. This ensures that you have more time to give your puppy the love it deserves, making everybody happier in the process.

If you want to know what the top easy-care dog breeds are, then keep reading. We will go over the breeds that would be the best for your lifestyle, by requiring less maintenance than other ones.

What Are Low Maintenance Dog Breeds?

So what exactly is considered a “low maintenance dog breed”? Well, there are a few different factors to consider.


A smart dog is easy to train. All the breeds that we list below are all considered intelligent. A smart dog is able to learn what you want to teach faster and more consistently than less intelligent breeds.

Active Dogs

Some dogs definitely want to be more active than others. Breeds like Huskies and Labs love to be outdoors and running all the time. This can be a good thing if you’re an outdoorsy type of person, but if you live in an apartment, then getting an active dog probably isn’t a good idea.

out for a run

Long Fur

Do you enjoy brushing your pooch constantly to get out huge clumps of fur? We didn’t think so. There are some types of dogs that need more fur maintenance than others. The breeds that we list below require much less grooming than the others. Some can get by with just a couple brushing sessions per week, saving you a ton of time.

Non Shedding

Have you ever gone to put on your dark colored shirt or jacket and noticed that it was covered in dog hair? This is a very common side effect that some breeds have. Our list won’t include any breeds that shed a ton.


There are some dog breeds that are notoriously needy and crave constant attention. Having them cry in their crate all night can be difficult to deal with. The breeds that I list here are less likely to do this than others.

Dogs That Require the Least Maintenance


Rotti’s are known as dogs that love companionship and attention. They are smart and can learn obedience commands and tricks quickly and effectively. One great thing about them is that they have very short fur, meaning they barely shed and you don’t need to brush the very often. They are also fairly calm and don’t bark constantly or misbehave.



Sometimes called the Velcro Vizsla, the Vizsla is known for its need for affection and companionship. They have a short hair that is very easy to groom and take care of. They can have separation anxiety if left alone for too long, however, they are definitely still an easy going breed overall.



The Pug is known for its love of being spoiled. This is because years ago they were used to sit on the laps of royalty in ancient China. However these days they make our list of the best low maintenance small dogs because they have short fur and don’t need a lot of exercise. This makes them great indoor dogs, in fact, they shouldn’t be brought outdoors in very cold or warm temperatures.



Boxers are actually a very smart breed, despite what some people will tell you. They are affectionate dogs that like to give wet kisses and act like big old lap dogs. They do need some exercise but still not as much as some breeds. Also, their short fur is extremely easy to maintain.



The Beagle has been a common companion in homes throughout the country for good reason. Their good nature and fun-loving traits make them a good choice for families with children. They are definitely indoor dogs and prefer to spend their time snuggled up on a dog bed with their favorite chew toy, rather than outside barking and chasing after animals. They also have short, easy to maintain hair that only requires brushing once per week.


Italian Greyhound

Another breed that has short hair is the Italian Greyhound. They are loving and friendly canines that like to snuggle inside the house with the family. They do need some exercise though being a racing dog, however not as much as other breeds.


French Bulldog

The Frenchies are dogs that love to be by their master as much as possible. They are heavy little dogs that much prefer to spend their time cuddled up on the couch than out running in the yard. Their short fur is extremely easy to maintain and grooming requirements are very low.



A very cute, yet smart breed is the Dachshund. They can be a little bit hard to housetrain sometimes but their other qualities, such as short hair and low activity needs get them a spot on our list.



The Weimaraner is a dog that likes to be a part of the family and be around you lots. It does need a bit of exercise but nothing crazy. Its short coat is very easy to maintain as well.


Yorkshire Terrier

The most common demographic of people that have Yorkshire Terriers is single women, although they make good pets for pretty much anyone. Their great hearing makes them amazing watchdogs and they are alert at the tiniest noise. They don’t need a ton of grooming either, as long as their hair is kept short.

yorkshire terrier


Chi’s are feisty little dogs that are very protective over their loved ones. They take some time to warm up to people but once they do they are loyal for life. Their short hair is easy to care for and they are small so there isn’t much surface area to cover either.


Boston Terrier

Known for being furry comedians are the Boston Terriers. They love to play outdoors but don’t require a ton of exercise either. They are loyal, obedient, and quick to defend their master at all costs. Short hair is super easy to brush and maintain.

boston terrier

Miniature Pinscher

Sometimes called “Min Pins” the Miniature Pinscher is a small dog that loves to play with other canines and be social. They are quite protective against strangers but once they warm up to you they can be very sweet. A weekly brushing should be enough to maintain the fur on these little dogs.

miniature pinscher


The Bloodhound is a breed that likes its space and has an independent attitude. They do like human companionship from time to time though. They are known for being an intelligent breed and also having an extremely strong sense of smell, meaning you should never leave food out with them around!


American Staffordshire Terrier

Known for being smart and eager to please is the American Staffordshire Terrier. They need some solid training but are very confident and protective once they are. The short coat enables you to only brush them around once a week or so.

american staffordshire terrier

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The sleek and shiny coat of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is just one reason that they are considered one of the lowest maintenance dogs. Another great aspect of this breed is that they are not that noisy. They don’t bark as much as other breeds are known to, and they are also very intelligent dogs.

rhodesian ridgeback

Bull Terrier

When the word “fun” comes to mind you can think of the Bull Terrier. They love to go out and play games with their family, however when it comes to other dogs they need some warming up first to avoid any unnecessary aggression. Their coat is very easy to take care of with brushing weekly being good enough. They are one of the low maintenance dogs of a medium size.

bull terrier

Why Get an Easy to Care for Dog?

There are several situations where it is the best choice to get an easy to care for dog.

Busy Families

If you or your family lead a busy lifestyle then it might not be a good idea to get a high maintenance dog. The reason for this is that there often won’t be enough time to cater to the needs of the pet. In this case, the pet suffers and doesn’t have as good a quality life as it should.

With a more docile and low maintenance dog, it will be happier without constant exercise and attention, making it ideal for pet owners who don’t have as much time on their hands.

Low Maintenance Dogs Don’t Destroy Their Crates

The more hyper and active breeds like Huskies, are known for destroying their cage and trying to get out. This can end up costing you a lot of money over time. More docile dogs on the other hand, (like some of the breeds listed here) are less likely to rip apart their cage, and you can use a normal dog crate to contain them (see here) without worrying every time you leave the house.

They Don’t Break Into Stuff

Mischevious canines sometimes like to break into things like cat boxes, forcing their owner to buy a dog proof box like this to keep them out. They also will steal any food that is left unattended. Anyone ever had steaks go missing at a family BBQ will know what I’m talking about here.

However, the breeds that I’ve listed here are much less likely to do this than some other breeds.