How to Stop Your Dog From Escaping Their Crate

Ughh… You just got a call from the neighbor again, or worse the city animal control.  Your pet dog Spot has escaped from his crate or kennel again and is on the loose.  This is all too common for many dog owners and a source of endless frustration.

Not only is it inconvenient but it is also dangerous.  If your canine is running around near traffic for example, the consequences can be devastating.  How to stop your dog from escaping is a common question.  Besides the answer of buying a better dog crate, we will go over the top things that you can do to prevent them getting out in the first place.

dog got out

Here’s The Solution

  • Set a trap. Do this by pretending to leave and then come back to catch them in the act.  Make sure they know you don’t approve and they will be less likely to try additional times.
  • Walk them regularly.  Pent-up aggression can make any breed restless, make sure they get their exercise.  If you’re lucky they might just pass out after a long run at the local park.
  • Don’t pamper them too much.  When you pamper and get them excited every time you arrive or leave the house they will, in turn, miss you more, and be much more likely to break out of their cage or yard to try and find you.
  • Stop them at the source.  First reverse engineer how they are managing to get out and then use whatever you need to fix that issue.  For example, if they are able to turn the cage latch then use a lock or zip tie to secure it.
  • Prevent boredom.  A bored dog is very likely to try and escape.  If you can distract them with a dog toy or treat, then they will be much more content just staying in the crate.
  • Get a better cage.  Having a heavy duty dog crate that is built to hold even the strongest breeds, will stop them from getting out.

Why A Better Crate Is Worth It

We’re sure you’ve seen the military grade dog crates that are for sale at high prices of $300+.  While this may seem like a lot of money you must consider a few things.  One reason is that these types of cages are built to last MUCH longer than the typical cheaper wire crates.  While a traditional wire crate might only last you a year or less depending on the strength of your canine, a stronger model will literally last a lifetime.  This means you won’t have to buy another cheap model after Bruno destroys it in the first month.

Another reason is that having a mischievous pet can cost you a lot of money in damages when they get out in certain areas.  Many people come home from work to find their favorite shoes or leather couch completely destroyed.  Depending on the particular dog, just a single escape could end up costing you hundreds to thousands in damages.  This makes an escape-proof crate a must for people that need it.